Mystic Grill Restaurant | Forth of July
The Mystic Grill is a one of a kind restaurant located in Historic Covington Square. Our menu is a delicious modern twist on traditional southern food. You'll enjoy a fantastic atmosphere inside and we have a rooftop patio where you can overlook the beautiful Covington Square.
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Fourth of July


The Fourth of July is the only holiday that summer brings and it always seems to be a magical one! For one day out of the year, the entire nation is united in patriotism and pride for the United States of America, the great country that we live in. Along with an overwhelming sense of nationalism, Independence Day brings the best parts of summer together and then ends the day with fireworks crowding the skies. This magical day is only a little over a week away; and it’s on a Saturday! Have you made your plans yet on how to spend such an exciting day? While all Americans love a good backyard barbeque or neighborhood block party, this year you can start a new tradition – celebrate America’s independence on the most scenic rooftop patio in all of Newton County; spend Fourth of July at the Mystic Grill! The Mystic Grill is having a...

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